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At Therapy Rooms, Linden, we offer professional services and cover the deciplines of Physiotherapy and Audiology.

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Mariska Odendaal Physiotherapy

Linden Hearing Centre

Mariska Odendaal Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is not just a name it is an experience.

At Mariska Odendaal Physiotherapy we strive to identify the underlying cause of your problem instead of treating only the symptoms. This means that the treatment will be of long term effect. Our practice is situated in Linden Johannesburg

After your treatment we submit directly to your medical aid, which will help you save time by doing the admin for you.

What is Physiotherapy ?

Physiotherapy is not just needed when you have an injury, it can be as a preventative treatment, rehabilitative treatment or treatment to maintain a certain level of function.

The ultimate goal of physiotherapy is to help an individual return back to a functional level to be able to take part in sport and everyday lifestyle activities. To live without pain is not just a need, but a requirement. A physiotherapist's goal is to accurately assess, diagnose and identify the contributing factors that causes pain, limit movement or affects daily activities.

During the physiotherapy session you will be required to expose the area of pain, and a full evaluation and treatment will be done on that area as well as the surrounding affected areas. An exercise programme specifically formulated for the individual patient is given to the patient. To stay informed regarding a condition, treatment and specific procedures must be explained and the patient should be informed at all times.

What to expect from Physiotherapy ?

To be able to treat a condition effectively, a proper assessment has to be done by the treating physiotherapist, this will ensure that the correct diagnosis is made and the patient will get the best possible treatment. All treatments performed are based on current research, and have been proven safe and efficient. Our physios go on continous courses to make sure that their knowledge is up to date and in line with current practice. We also strive to work within our scope of practice and will refer a patient to the applicable discipline if neccesary.

Some of the treatment techniques that we use:
• Soft tissue mobilisation and release: Massage and Myofascial release.
• Mobilisations of joints: Neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees and other joints.
• Joint manipulations: restoring full movement in a pain free range.
• Dry Needling and trigger point release.
• Strapping and Taping (including kinesiotaping).
• Correct biomechanics, posture and ergonomics.
• Strengthen weakened areas.
• Inflammation and swelling control.
• Education and advice.
• Pain relief.
• Arthritis and mobility improvement: flexibility, balance, strength.
• Respiratory physiotherapy: Nebulisation, postural drainage techniques, manual chest therapy, breathing exercises.

Therapy Rooms
Therapy Rooms

Linden Hearing Centre

Hearing loss can keep you from enjoying an ideal quality of life. Hearing problems affect over 10% of our population, but many people ignore it.

It can restrict your ability to interact with others, prevent you from hearing important information, cause misunderstandings, heighten stress, cause unnecessary fatigue and filter out the subtle sounds of nature.
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Linden Hearing Centre

Linden Hearing Centre can help improve hearing problems, so that you don't miss out on the many wonderful and vital messages of life. We ensure that our patients are properly diagnosed, treated with care and compassion and satisfied with our services.

At Linden Hearing Centre, we pride ourselves on our commitment to patient care with integrity and fairness.

What is Audiology?

Audiology is the study of hearing, balance and related disorders.

What is Hearing?

The human ear collects sound waves (airborne vibration) in the outer ear and directs them into the ear canal which causes the eardrum to vibrate. This goes on to move three little bones in the middle ear (the Ossicles), which in turn puts pressure on the inner ear (the Cochlea).

The inner ear contains thousands of hair cells sitting in two liquid filled galleries, which are set in motion by the wave created by the pressure.

Via some complex anatomy, electrical signals are sent up the auditory pathway to the brain and what began as no more than airborne vibration, is converted into sound by the brain.

Hearing Aids

Styles of Hearing Aids

We've come a long way since ear trumpets, hearing aid technology is continuing to evolve and improve all the time. Most people with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids.

Just as there are different types and degrees of hearing loss, there are different hearing instruments. Each has a wide range of functions and features, to address a variety of individual needs.

There are four basic styles of hearing aids. All four will help with mild to moderate loss, but if the loss is more severe, options can be limited.
• Behind the Ear (BTE)
• In the Ear (ITE)
• In the Canal (ITC)
• Completely in the Canal (CIC)
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Therapy Rooms
Therapy Rooms
Therapy Rooms


Therapy Rooms