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Audiology (hearing) services

Linden Hearing centre offers the following services:

The Hearing Test

The Audiologist will start with the case history. A better understanding of your needs and concerns will help us to make the best recommendations based upon your individual needs. She will then perform a hearing test. A hearing test takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

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The hearing test is followed by a consultation session. We will explain the results of the hearing test and how they relate to the hearing difficulties you are experiencing. This will enable you to make hearing care choices that best meet your needs.

The Solution

We have access to the best Audiology products at varying levels of technology and cost . We are thus able to provide an individualised solution based on your hearing loss, your lifestyle and your preferences.

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The fitting of the hearing instruments takes place approximately one week after they have been ordered. We allow enough time (approximately an hour) to ensure that the aid fits comfortably, it is programmed to the optimum settings and the sound quality and volume are satisfactory. We patiently give you proper instruction in the use and care of the product.

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On-going Support

We will ensure that your hearing objectives are being met and that you are receiving the maximum possible benefit from the hearing instruments. Continuous follow-up care is an important aspect of hearing aid fittings and ensures success with hearing instruments.


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